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Prof. Vibhuti Patel

Mumbai Human Development Report, AIILSG, Mumbai (UNDP)

Budget Audit of Thane Municipal Corporation (All India Institute of Local Self Govt, Mumbai)

Dr. Manisha Karne

Emerging Role of Intermediate public transport in Mumbai (University Funds)

Dr. Veena Devasthali

1. A Study of Home-based Women Workers in Mumbai
(University Funds)

2. A study of women workers in urban informal sector.
(Centre for Canadian Studies)

3. Role of Self- Help Groups in the Empowerment of Women (Centre for Dr. Ambedkar studies)

4. Some Aspects of the Operations of Multi-national Corporations in India (ICSSR, New Delhi)

Dr. Kisan Ingole

Caste system in India and its implications on economic growth (University Funds)

Dr. Ruby Ojha

Export-led Growth Strategy: A Policy Choice for Development in India (UGC Major Research Project)

Contact :

Department of Economics,
SNDT Women’s University,
Mumbai – 400020
Head of Department
Prof. Vibhuti Patel

• Ph.D. in Economics
• M. A. in Economics

Teaching Faculty
• Prof. Vibhuti Patel
• Dr. Veena Devasthali (Associate Professor)
• Dr. K.S. Ingole (Associate Professor)
• Dr. Ruby Ojha (Associate Professor)
• Mr. Sanjakumar P. Phad (Assistant Professor)